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This page is here to take up that one extra Google SERP (Search Engine Results Placement) on queries for "Jason Culverhouse". If you can't own every search result on your own name then your parents weren't creative enough.  

Sometimes people with the same name do bad things, I'm not that guy, we only share a name.  

Often people with the same name are associated with good deeds, I might be that guy feel free to ask and I will clarity.  

If you are looking for me professionally my Jason Culverhouse, Linkedin Profile is the place to start. If i worked with you in the past and you're bold enough to ask for a recommendation you're  probably the type of person that I recommend.

I'm on twitter as @JsonCulverhouse if it's witty and fits in 140 characters or less, I usually leave it there. My name was just one character too long to make the full user name so I chose the "clever" heterograph "Json" to shorten the user name by one character, incase you didn't know that's an acronym for JavaScript Object Notation.

Someone I know personally perhaps from school or some social circle?  I'm Jason Culverhouse on Facebook, the one in Redwood City.

I usually use this photo as my gravatar image:

Jason Culverhouse Young.png

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